Complaints Policy


Cloud Kids Educare Complaints Policy 


Purpose: In dealing with complaints, we will be consistent in terms of fairness and  procedures. We believe parents and whanau should feel able to forward any  concerns with assurance that their issues will be acknowledged and dealt with. 

Applies to: Staff, Management and Board members of Cloud Kids Educare. References: Early Childhood Licensing Criteria 2008 GMA1 


The Manager will be made aware of all complaints as soon as  practicable. 

Anonymous complaints will not be actioned. 

The entire teaching team will be made aware of the complaint, if it  takes the whole team to take action. 

Total confidentiality will be maintained throughout by management (and  teaching team if necessary). 

Documentation relevant to the issue at hand will be gathered and  accurately recorded by the Manager. 

Issues raised will be addressed in writing as soon as is practicable but  within 3 working days.  

All complaints are to follow the step by step guide towards resolution of  complaints as prescribed in the ‘Complaints Flow Chart’ on the next  page. 

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