Wendy Rutherfurd  Centre Manager - Registered Teacher -Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

Amber Jones  Team Leader - Systems and Processes - Registered Teacher - Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

Miranda Andrews Team Leader - Teaching Team and Curriculum - Registered Teacher - Bachelor of Teaching and Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

Alison Hobbs  Registered Teacher - Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE - Diploma of Early Intervention

Kristina Hullena  Registered Teacher - Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Emma King  Teacher - Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Teanellia Ward  Teacher/Van Driver

Maree Loader  Admin


Catherine Walker  Registered Teacher - Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Justine Ticehurst  Registered Teacher - Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

Helen Waldron  Registered Teacher -Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE

Lyric Ewington  Teacher / Cleaner

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